Amazon Integration

Flexible and customised approach to your integration project

Integrating your system with Amazon can make your work in the marketplace much easier and more efficient.

Doing this will allow you to manage most processes directly from your accounting software, including enabling you to update your inventory and prices, get orders, send invoices, import sales data, download reports, and much more.

We adapt to any accounting and warehouse software (even if it is custom-made). Our service is great for those looking for flexibility and a customised approach to an integration project.

Integration is available with both Amazon Seller and Amazon Vendor accounts.

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Amazon is a huge virtual supermarket. As their suppliers, we realized the necessity to automate processes and avoid manual work as much as possible. Our partners suggested to contact Lithuanian company Edisoft. After implementing their integration solution,
I can recommend Edisoft as a reliable and responsible partner.
They provide high quality services at a reasonable price.
Kristian Hasager
Business Unit Director,
SweDeltaco AB

Trusted by over 2500 companies

We are the largest electronic data interchange (EDI) provider in the Baltic sea region (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), serving more than 2500 customers. The annual turnover of electronic documents in Edisoft platform exceeds 24 million.

Edisoft's customers are the largest regional retailers, well-known manufacturers and suppliers, major wholesalers, logistics providers, and many others.

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